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Do you feel ill? Seek help for your problems at Lin Ye Acupuncture Clinic, offering Chinese acupuncture, herbal remedies, and other kinds of Eastern medicine in Santa Clara, California. Dr. Lin Ye provides real medical treatments that combat injuries, manage pain, and cure diseases. With her knowledge of Eastern medicine and Chinese herbal remedies, she can cure what ails you.
Eastern Medicine
Billions of people around the world have benefited from Eastern medicine. This is a completely different approach to treatment that goes far beyond Western medicine. The Lin Ye Acupuncture Clinic provides relief through the following kinds of authentic Eastern medicine:
Chinese Acupuncture
• Acupressure
• Herbal Remedies
• Pain Management
• Therapeutic Massage
Solving Your Medical Issues
Dr. Lin Ye can cure a wide variety of ailments. She is a leader in fixing carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery. Also, she can restore your fertility with herbal treatments to make it possible to have a baby. All of the following medical issues can be alleviated at our acupuncture clinic:
• Auto & Work Injuries
• Workers Comp Issues
• Headaches & Neck Pain
• Back & Shoulder Pain
• Allergies & Sinus Problems
Acupuncture Clinic, Eastern Medicine in Santa Clara, CA
About Us
Lin Ye Acupuncture Clinic provides medical care backed by 30 years of experience and a licensed sixth-generation doctor from Kunming, China. Dr. Lin Ye has 11 years of experience as a licensed California acupuncturist. Office visits last one hour, including for acupuncture and therapeutic massage.
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